Website 101

I want to help demystify websites for you so you can feel confident in this tech aspect!


Your domain name (your .com) is like having your own street address & it’ll be an annual investment costing between a cup of coffee or a delicious dinner.


Your hosting is like purchasing a block of land at your street address (if we stick to our metaphor) & it’ll be an annual investment costing approx what you’d pay in one month for your phone & internet service. Your hosting includes the ability to have personal email addresses. The only additional ‘add on’ you might choose is an SSL certificate, meaning your land will be ‘insured’ & you’ll have a certified secure address.


Your website is like building your dream home on that previously empty block of land. The evolution of the internet has allowed businesses to trade globally, meaning your website is like having a bricks & mortar store/office open and marketing 24/7!

What you invest in your website design & development is your choice & I personally believe in sustainable & organic growth. I’ve been through approx 6 complete website revamps since 2010 as technology & my focus expands.

Plus ALWAYS remember:
  • Make regular backups of your website & keep the latest saved in cloud or external storage for safe keeping.
  • Never let your domain name or hosting expire! You’ll lose your street address (and someone else can buy it), you’ll lose your land & your dream home will be demolished! If you are going through a biz lull, make a complete backup of your website files (your host’s tech support can help you) before letting your hosting expire. But keep your domain name so you have options to repurchase land/build a new home in the future, at the same address.

Hope this helps!

Don’t let “tech stuff” slow your roll!

There are always options & your life’s work is so worth moving past any tech blocks!!

You’ve got this baby!!